Jacketed kettle

Jacketed kettle

Jacketed kettle can be used widely in candy ,lotus seed paste ,bean paste ,jams ,cake ,drink, preserve ,can ,fruit paste ,bean paste ,jujube paste ,sauces ,curry conditioning food and applied to mixing of daily chemical products ,pharmaceutical and other industries. It can be used for big restaurant and dining room boiling soup, cook stew boiling rice etc .It is excellent equipment for food process to improve quality ,save time and improve labor condition. If classified by thermal type, there will be electric heating jacketed kettle ,steam heating jacketed kettle ,gas heating jacketed kettle ,etc.

Model Volume
Heat exchange area Dia


50 50 0.43 500 1350 750 48
100 100 0.83 700 1500 800 85
200 200 1.07 800 1650 900 100
300 300 1.35 900 1750 950 115
400 400 1.65 1000 1800 980 130
500 500 1.99 1100 1950 1130 160
600 600 2.36 1200 2050 1150 190

Steam jacketed kettle

The kettle take pressure steam as heat source with large heating area ,high thermal efficiency ,uniform heating short boiling time and easy to control thermal temperature .kettle body make stamping shape at one time and adopt acid-resisting ,heat-resisting stainless steel manufacturing with pressure gage and safety valve ,handsome in appearance ,easy to install ,easy to operate ,reliable safety.

Gas jacketed kettle

Gas tilting jacket kettle is a kind of environment protection equipment with high efficiency and save energy. With large heating area, easy to control fire ,compact structure
Kettle body and contacting parts of material are both used to food grade SUS304 and assure that food production kettles are sanitation ,clean and safety.

Electric jacketed kettle

jacket kettle is divided into fixed and tilting with stir and not stir, main applied to meat finished, candy, beverage, can and boiling rice, boil water and boiling food for big restaurant or dinning
Our electric heating jacket kettle has good design and easy operation .wholly electronic element adopt domestic famous brand.

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