Founded in 2010, Crown Food Technology has become a significant leading food machinery corporation in Zhucheng. The expansive occupational scale regarding 40 acres with 12,000 square meters of manufacturing workshop has greatly guaranteed high-quality products and satisfied the demands of customers coming from China, South Korea, Japan, South America.

The Strict manufacture process and production are utilized in the field of food sterilizing retort, jacketed kettle, as well as other cooking equipment, that could be widely used in a variety of meat products, bean products, dairy products, egg products, seafood products, and beverage products, sterilization and processing of leisure food, further processing of agricultural and sideline products, as well as manufacture of chemical and pharmaceutical products.

As the only one machinery manufacturer, who gains pipe installation cert in China, CST is proud to make what matters, our team provides sterilizing retort and commissioning service with training capability to supply a smooth operating environment specific to clients’ demanding with our oversea agents giving clients more than one-year shelf life.

Founded In 2010

40 acres with 12,000 square meters of manufacturing workshop

Retort machine and machine components

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Professional expertise in food and beverage sterilization field to provide whole package of solution.

7/24 service are available if necessary .

Integrate upstream and downstream machine.

1.Whole package of solution in the field of can tuna, ready to eat meal, drink etc.
2.Site planning and consulting