Customized retort

Customized retort

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  • 2017-06-25

Retorts are speicific to clients’ need tailored to some products,especially special container. Opinions from clients is very valubale based on that products.we listen,and offer you longer shelf-life.

Two Pots Paralleled Water Immersion Retort

1. Sterilization water is antecedently going by the preheating process in the upper hot-water kettle.Initial sterilization temperature is high enough, thereby shortening the sterilization time and consequently protecting product’s quality.

2. After sterilization process finishes, hot-water is recycled back to the upper hot-water kettle.Energy consumption is highly reduced and sterilization time is also shrunk.

3. In allusion to soft packaging products, particularly for those bulky packaging, speed of thermal break-through is rapid; hence, sterilization effect is distinct.

Two pots with one kettle water immersion retort

1. Two sterilizing pots are employing one hot-water kettle simultaneously. In comparison with double-deck water immersion retort, the productivity is doubled;

2. Two sterilizing pots which are equivalent to two double-deck water immersion retorts can be used at the same time. In contrary, it saves more space.