Side spray retort autoclave

Side spray retort autoclave

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  • 2017-06-25


1. Indirect heating passed through heat exchanger averts thermal shock resulted from the rapid temperature rising. At the meanwhile, effective pressure tracking and adverse pressure control refrain from bag bulging and wreck of content flavor in the process of sterilization

2. In the process of cooling, indirect cooling passed through heat exchanger averts the momentary decompression which is formulated by sudden temperature falling and consequently causing the prompt decline of external pressure

3. Indirect cooling isolates the firsthand contact between extraneous cooling water and products which will not be affected from secondary pollution.

4. The noises produced during working period can be lowered to a minimum level through the distinct silencer invented by CST. A comfortable working environment can be achieved.

Soft package products, doypack products, and products with content which is sensitive to thermal shock