Sterilizing baskets & trolleys


Sterilizing baskets are designed on the basis of product height produced by customers. The full stainless steel material is perfectly satisfied the requirements of food safety; at the same time, high intension of baskets is achieved along with the sufficient hole opening areas, which makes them durable and prolonged.

  • Specific basket for full spray equipment
  • Specific basket for water cascading equipment
  • Specific basket for rotary equipment
  • Specific baskets for steam equipment and water immersion equipment
  • Sterilizing basket separator
  • Sterilizing basket baseboard
  • Specific sterilizing tray for water immersion equipment
  • Specific sterilizing tray for side spray equipment
  • Specific sterilizing basket for dumpling pot equipment
  • Jacketed kettle basket and trolley
  • Sterilizing disk tray
  • Trolley