Control system


PLC Siemens based automatic programmable control unit for backpressure pasteurization and/or sterilization cycles, ideal to execute previously saved recipes. It provides complete graphing, data logging, documentation, sterilization program storage. Our programmable logic controller digital microprocessor unit is supplied with.

1.Electronic programming in ‘open source’. PLC and LCD Siemens Touch Screen and video-graphic recorder in compliance with FDA CFR21 PART 11.
2. Track operator Actions.
3. Override retort steps. And View retort logs & trends live.
4. Output digital channels to control utilities (valves, engines, pumps) automatically and manually.
5. Up to 99 sterilization program storage capacity.
6. LCD Touch Screen user friendly machine interface to to control sterilization data during process.
7. Movable test probes with paperless recorder is available to provide real-time database for tracking and research.
8. Be able to achieve automatic control, remote control and programmed control.