Static Steam


Steam is directly ventilated into retort to achieve the heat sterilization process.
During temperature rising period, steam is utilized in the autoclave retort for exhausting all cold air and condensed water which is formulated when steam and mixed with air together.
During homeothermal period, intermittent steam supply and air discharging are necessitated in an attempt to avoid the existence of cold air mass that will generate a detrimental effect for steam thermal distribution within the retort.


Tinplate packaging food which is easily get rusty. In particular, its effect for solid-stated contents is extraordinary, which greatly avoids problems like corrosion and reverse osmosis of tinplate made by Water Immersion-typed retort.

Glass bottles with solid-stated contents. It is legitimately preventable for the situations regarding bottle cap loosening and then reverse osmosis caused by Water Immersion-typed retort.

Bare salted duck eggs. It is available to avoid water pollution resulted from broken eggshells.


A waste of steam source.